American Chocolate Supply: Consulting / Sourcing / Volume Sales


Why Should I Use American  Chocolate Supply and Steve Leffer's services?

You've heard the expression, 'Time is Money'. Well, it's true! Whether it's time you spend on a project or endeavor or the time I spend to help make your life better or find the solution to your issues or problems, we all have a finite amount of time available to each of us.

I recently helped a customer solve a production problem that had hampered their success for months and had stumped the business, their production equipment manufacturer and 'other experts'. 

I've already spent over 16 years of my time in the chocolate industry becoming an expert. I've had some big successes and some even bigger failures, but with each of life's victories and losses, I've gained invaluable experience, knowledge and growth. I've cultivated relationships, as well as, bought and sold products from and to chocolate distributors and manufacturers across North America. I've coached and solved problems for chocolate related businesses, large and small, for years. 

To say I've probably forgotten more than what most people know about chocolate is an understatement.

Chocolate manufacturers have developed thousands of formulas of various cacao contents and viscosities, couverture or compound, with varying clean or dirty ingredients, utilizing workers that are paid a fair wage or are slave labor. The chocolate industry is complex and so are it's products. 

Cut through the clutter and save a mountain of time and aggravation by taking advantage of my experience, expertise and extremely reasonable rates.  I may not have all of the answer, but I generally know where or who to go to find them and get positive results fast!

Now, if you or your business need assistance to achieve your chocolate goals, I'm clearly your guy..

  • I Provide Consulting services to help you and your business prosper beyond your wildest dreams! Buy 15 minutes of consulting time, so I know you're serious ... and on our 'exploratory call' I'll give you a bonus 15 minutes for FREE. My areas of expertise range from product conception and development to conventional & digital marketing and advertising, sales, business operations, inventory control, product packaging, and shipping temperature sensitive products. Additionally, we can be very helpful in the areas of mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies for profitable businesses.

  • I Provide Sourcing services to help you locate the best product for your specific needs and probably save you a boatload of money to boot! Buy 15 minutes of sourcing time and on our exploratory call, I'll again throw in 15 minutes for free. 

  • I Provide Volume Sales services to assist you in obtaining the products you need, when you need them, for a one time purchase or on an ongoing basis. This is for heavy users, purchasing a minimum of 1 pallet per order. Buy 15 minutes of Broker time and on our exploratory call, and once again, I'll provide an extra 15 minutes for free.