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American Chocolate Supply Consulting Services are provided by telephone with Steve Leffer, former CEO of Chocoley Chocolate from 2004 - 2020. Steve has consulted with thousands of chefs, chocolatiers and dessert oriented businesses for all aspects of working with chocolate, from product creation to marketing the finished product and all areas of operating a chocolate related business.

Once you've acquired your Consulting Services block of time, available in fifteen minute increments, please email: to schedule your consulting session. Please specify preferred day, time w/time zone and the nature of your consultation. If research is required, prior to the consulting session, please explain in an email. For scheduling purposes, please note that American Chocolate Supply is located in Metro Atlanta, GA, in the Eastern U.S. Time Zone.

For your first call, we refer to as our, 'Exploratory Call', a FREE Bonus of 15 minutes will be added to your purchased time, but will not be reflected on your purchase. 

Disclaimer: The advice or opinions provided by American Chocolate Supply and Steve Leffer shall not be construed as Legal, Tax or Investment advice and we strongly recommend our customers consult with legal, tax or investment professionals. We strongly encourage everyone to abide by Federal, State and local laws, rules and regulations. The customer hereby waives any liability and holds American Chocolate Supply LLC and Steve Leffer harmless for any liability or injury that may result from the ideas, information or resources provided or from the manufacturers, distributors or vendors recommended or introduced by American Chocolate Supply LLC and/or Steve Leffer. We also strongly encourage customers to conduct their own due diligence prior to making purchases or utilizing ideas or advice provided.